Testimonials about Steve Goldstein:

Steve tailor made a motivational/customer service speech for my management team and it was awesome. Steve is very high-energy and his openness and honesty got my team to open up to this complete stranger more than they would ever open up to me. I learned a lot about my staff, including what really motivates them and what they like/dislike about their job. Now that Steve has helped me gather the information on how to give my team the tools that they need to succeed, the rest is up to me. Highly recommend!

-Anthony Adamo, President @ Broad Shoulders Management, Inc.  Chicago, IL


“Long story short… Steve and I walked out of the nurse manager’s office with her wanting to do a trial,  skip over going to committee and wanting this done ASAP. In a few short words…. Mind blowing”

-Bethany D, Sales Executive, Philadelphia

Bethany D Sales Executive Philadelphia


“You are amazing at what you do, a great sales guy and a great person.” 

-Kristy M, VP of Product Management, Chicago

Kristy M VP of Product Management Chicago


“I am always impressed by you!  Great work!!!  Like usual.”

- Samuel A, Group President/Int’l Business, Netherlands

Samuel A


“I want Steve to be recognized because every time I have traveled with him, we have gained new business.  He works non-stop and Steve’s positive attitude and radiant energy is contagious, and we are lucky to have him part of our team.” 

Heidi K, Sales Executive, Chicago



“Great presentation-You made it fun and interesting and I learned a lot.”Your presentation was the best/most interactive.”

-Joe G, Sales Executive, Boston

Joe G


"Steve’s amazing in front of customers, creative and very passionate.”

“You are the best and everyone should experience this first hand”

-Christine G, Sales Manager, Chicago

Christine G


“Steve G is the man!” 

-Edwin C. Sales Executive, San Diego

Edwin C


“My team really enjoys working with you and we appreciate all of the time and effort you've put in to growing the PO sales team.”

-Rick B. Sales Manager, Florida

Rick B


I want to thank Steve very much for the humility and interest shown to communicate with the various people we visited in Latin America, speaking Spanish, respecting our culture, and taking a great interest and appreciation of the work being performed in our countries. I want to inform you that in truth, that has generated rave reviews about you and your great knowledge.”

-Paola M, Sales Executive, Panama Central America

 Paola M


“Thanks to your help, these are the results so far!”

(Feedback after Closing new $500K account.)

-Carlos M, Sales Executive, Puerto Rico

 Carlos M


“Thanks everyone. I learned from the best... Dr. of Sales, Steve Goldstein!”

-Connor F, Product Manager, Chicago

Connor F


"You are so GREAT with the customers and they really appreciated you flying out from Chicago for on-site site support.“

-Andrew B, Regional Sales Manager, LA

Andrew B


“Steve – you do a great job with these reps in generating excitement and educating them.”

-Bob O, Senior VP, Chicago

 Bob O


“Thanks a bunch for your presentation last week.  Your energy, wealth of knowledge, and song writing abilities were all memorable.”

-Jennifer M, Sales Executive, Canada

Jennifer M


“Working with you today made me a better rep!” 

-Ben B, Sales Executive, Maine



“I am writing a book: “All That I Need To Know, I Learned In Training From Steve Goldstein."

-Paul P, VP Sales and Movie Producer, Utah

Paul P



“Mexico with the extraordinary help of Steve Goldstein will be #1-You are a great presenter and our customers
 always ask about when you will be coming again!"
 Thanks for all the great support!

-Samantha D, General Director, Mexico

Samantha D


'Goldstein shines again…”

-Steve T, Divisional Sales Manager, LA

Steve T 

 Additional Testimonials about Steve Goldstein:


“Beyond Excellent! He knows his stuff, Great communicator! Best by far!”


“Steve is engaging, entertaining and informative. He gets you thinking about how you can be successful. Great presentation!”

“Great speaker, really motivating and enthusiastic; told us how to focus and be productive.”

“Energy, that's the word I think of when I think of Steve. Passionate and driven, I loved this class."

“He was very engaging, entertaining and educational. Passionate.”

"Steve is so funny and is a great speaker. He keeps things exciting and fun!" 

“It's nice to have someone come in & present to us when they're lively, enthusiastic & you can feel the passion they have. Steve did a great job keeping us engaged even for a late Friday afternoon.”

“Loved this class, great presenter, great personality, and fun.”

“I really cannot thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do the presentation for the customer. It was so great to see you and the customer LOVED you!”

“Really informative, energetic and interactive. LOVED it!”

“Best presenter award goes to Steve! He looks like Adam Sandler's younger brother and presents like Ari Gold from Entourage! Could not be more impressed...his enthusiasm was contagious.”

“Steve is an excellent presenter and he makes the class very interactive."


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