GOLDSTEINSteve Goldstein is a tenacious and proven sales leader and he can help YOU improve your sales success. He’s a Dale Carnegie Sales Coach and Human Relations award winner, and a Toastmasters champion. Steve wants to help make YOU memorable by sharing his strategies of fundamentals and intangibles you need to know. Once these are mastered, you will quickly differentiate yourself from your sales competition! While working with over 1200 sales reps world-wide, Steve helped lead his high profile division from $60 million to $600 million in sales in just over 10 years!

Steve Goldstein was born in downtown Chicago and grew up in the Northern suburbs.  He graduated from Indiana University-Bloomington and worked hard to achieve his goal of working in medical sales. 8 years later, he was a VP of Sales for a $10 billion medical supply company. Steve is dedicated to his 8-yr-old son Zackary and has 6 nieces who live in Chicago and San Diego. As a world Traveler, Steve loves to enjoy live sporting events (He is a Diehard Cubs Fan), discover new restaurants and exercise to keep his energy going!

 Thrilled with his 20 plus years of success, Steve has decided to share his secrets to sales success! Steve specializes in assisting individuals and businesses in understanding and mastering the Gold Selling Success Strategies that every sales pro or business owner should know. 



Book Steve for a 30-45 minute keynote speech where he will capture the theme and inspire your team!